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SSRI's Side Effects/Xanex Used Currently Alone
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TOPIC: SSRI's Side Effects/Xanex Used Currently Alone
Anonymous047 (User)
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SSRI's Side Effects/Xanex Used Currently Alone 7 Years ago  

This is my first post as I am looking for some feedback and possibly even advice on what other people have been experiencing. I realize, all advice ultimately, should be run by and given to my doctor before I decide anything. I have struggled with Panic Disorder since I was 19. I am now 32. I was on Zoloft for almost 12 years (on mostly, off during certain periods). The first time I went off Zoloft I was fine and then approximately 6-9 months after use, BAM, the anxiety came back hard and full swing. So I decided to go back on. I did the same thing years after that and got the same results, the anxiety came back very hard months after I was off of it (and felt fine until the point it kicked back in). Anyhow, then I went on Zoloft again, as at this point in my life, the sexual side effects bother me. I didn't realize until how much, until I went off of it again. So now I manage with Xanex, when needed. Work has been getting very stressful since September of 2015, I got engaged in September of 2015 and my father became ill and needed radiation treatments for cancer around the same time. This all, I believe added to my panic, which was coming back. At first a .25mg dose helped at work when I knew I had meetings. Now, approximately 4 months later, that dose does not seem to help me as much (and just today I started to panic while speaking in a meeting). My doctor told me to try Lexapro, to try and see if maybe I did not get the sexual side effects that I do from Zoloft. However, I should also note, since dropping Zoloft, I have lost about 30lbs over the course of a year, with working out and eating right. But I also did that for years on Zoloft and had little success at dropping a significant amount. I think maybe the Zoloft had something to do with it, but can't be sure. I have set a wedding date for this September (the 24th). I don't want to start Lexapro and get sexual side effects (as this is a very happy time in my life and that is a part I want to keep going) and because of the common side effect of weight gain that I hear about with Lexapro. This is my wedding and I want to be able to control that. However, the trade off is me worrying at work on a daily basis that I am going to have a panic attack! Does anyone use just Xanex to control their panic, when needed? I thought about using Xanex (I might have to up my dose) to control my panic at work until September, and then after the wedding trying Lexapro in conjunction with Xanex when needed. Right now, I probably take one .25mg Xanex, 3-4 times a week. Usually always for a work related item. Last week, when I realized the .25mg wasn't working as well and I had a client meeting - I took a.25mg and half of another. I was OK. But today, like I mentioned, I took a .25mg for an internal meeting and started to panic (fidgety, shaky voice, petrified, heart racing). And others noticed me a bit, but then I finished up quickly and went on with the day. Any thoughts/advice on how I should handle things or if I have a good plan going for myself? Thank you for listening and if you take the time to respond in advance.
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tsuki (Admin)
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Re:SSRI's Side Effects/Xanex Used Currently Alone 6 Years, 12 Months ago  
Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding

I have not used Xanax exclusively. It was used in combination with an the anti-depressant Wellbutrin.
As my anxiety eased through therapy, I decreased my usage until I was able to cope without them. It was a long process, but successful. Sexual side effects can be a nuisance with these meds, but my need to rid myself of anxiety far outweighed my sexual concerns. In your situation, I can see where it can become a huge concern. Talk with your Dr., decide what your priorities are and see if there is an alternative treatment for you. Learning coping skills can greatly relieve anxiety without the use of meds. All the best . . . hugs
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