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Etrafon & Triavil
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TOPIC: Etrafon & Triavil
SerinityPhoenix (User)
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Etrafon & Triavil 10 Years ago  
I have already tried Buspar and Celexa, both with no success. Etrafon & Triavil has helped some, but the big downfall is it makes me sleepy (I take 1/4 to 1/2 a pill a day PRN). I am currently in counseling at a Psych center about 1x every 2 weeks, and they said that if I wanted to try something for my OCD I could, since my current RX came from my GP.

My anxiety is really starting to take a toll on my clinical skills, as I am a student in healthcare. I want to be able to think clearly and not let this get in the way. It is so frustrating, as the clinicals are getting more intense, and I KNOW what to do - it's the thought that someone is judging me that's making me mess up. It's killing me. I tried to handle it w/o meds, and then I broke down and took them only to leave early due to inclement weather before they could even take effect.

I just had to get that out. Any advice on what I should do about my meds?
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concernedmom (User)
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Re:Etrafon & Triavil 10 Years ago  
Have you tried to change time of the day when you take your meds? If they make you sleepy, why not take them late in evening and get some good sleep. That by itself might get the edge of next day at hospital classes. Since good sleep brings more relaxing feeling to the body and in return to the mind, too.
OCD is being said, is one of the most stuborn disorders that seldom responds to the meds. The most common ones prescribed are ones to slow you down, which yours meds seem to be doing it. But, if your thought, mind and reflexes are slowed down, what good that will do for your critical thinking, which is crucial in saving people's lives.
You have to accept that in order to prepare yourself to become prosperous health care worker you will need to be judged. Since your job will end up being sort of judging others. Based on how patients look, what they say and what they do, you will be coming with a plan of action for them. You will judge their movements and intervene with the right meds or right therapy for them, period.

In the end if the team of experts you seeing is suggesting you meds change or addition, you wouldn't know what they can do to you unless you try it. You should be able to recognize if they work for you, and if the side efffects hit you bad, well, you know you either have to: give it some more time and wait, crunch it in pieces and go off of it or add another one to the cocktail.

Assuming you are far advanced with your classes, it shouldn't be a problem for you to chart a plan for your own therapy.
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