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Weaning off Pristiq
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TOPIC: Weaning off Pristiq
clairepanics (User)
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Weaning off Pristiq 12 Years, 5 Months ago  
Hi everyone!

I'm Claire, a panic survivor for over 10 years. I was on xanax for about 10 years and then went off it cold turkey and started a variety of SSRI's SNRI's and landed at Pristiq. I think i have taken everything on the market for anxiety by now.

I never felt I was a good candidate for these drugs because I am not depressed. I am anxious. I have panic attacks.

My Dr wanted me off the xanax because it had been too long. I was needing more and more- .5 mg 4x a day.. sometimes more. I also had a rollercoaster effect where I would be tapering off and feel really bad and then need more xanax to be right again. I hated that.
Since Pristiq I have gained 20 pounds and have no libido. I am convinced it is the drug although the Dr says no.
I am going to wean off- as per her instructions and I have her blessing (like I need one..) but I will be relying ont his group to help me through again- another stage of withdrawal and some forecasted anxiety.
I have no idea what I can handle without drugs. It's been 12 years about since I started taking anxiety meds.
anyone have nay ideas? or have you also experienced this with Pristiq? I'd love to hear!!
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