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L-Theanine, has anyone tried it?
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TOPIC: L-Theanine, has anyone tried it?
blernblan (User)
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L-Theanine, has anyone tried it? 12 Years, 9 Months ago  
My doctor prescribed me with Celexa, but it has many adverse side effects and I don't want to take such a medication unless it's a last resort kind of deal. I recently purchased something called "Theanine Serene" from source naturals. It contains:

The amino acid L-Theanine, the neurotransmitter GABA, magnesium to calm muscles and nerves and basil leaf extract to soothe tension.

Here's a page where you can read all about it:


Basically, I'm thinking about taking this twice daily, practicing meditation and starting to swim on a daily basis and see if I can beat my anxiety disorder in a natural and healthier way.

Let me know what you guys think please!
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Pakattack (User)
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Re:L-Theanine, has anyone tried it? 12 Years, 8 Months ago  
Im sorta in your position as well, my psychiatrist recommended me for an SSRI or something don't remember what name was i would say he said prozac or zoloft. and i said i did not want to take it since i hear these medications have some adverse effects and that i would need to take it for 6-9 months for my panic disorder...but i have a feeling it will be way longer than that since i know some people who taken for about 10-20 years im guessing. and im trying to do things naturally but it sorta taking a toll. I would love to research this more to see what its a about, but i wonder since theanine is a component of green tea and green tea sorta aggravates anxiety, i would think it theanine itself would create more anxiety maybe? i need to look more into it, but it does sound like a good idea actually.
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