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Lorazepam question
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TOPIC: Lorazepam question
meggerpiez (User)
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Lorazepam question 13 Years, 5 Months ago  
I was given a script of only 10 1mg lorazepam on novemer 30th to help with my panic attacks. I have been spliting the pills in half and taking them and splitting them in half so I get 4 quarters of one pill and it lasts for 4 days or 2. sometimes I take one quarter in the afternoon and one before bed. sometimes I skip a dose and when I do I feel twice as paniced as i did before. my problem is I have one pill left and I am afraid I am addicted to the meds or I am going to have withdrawls from it. can this happen with taking quarter of the pill everyday? or everyother day?

it says to take one to two pills every 8 hours or as needed. Taking the whole 1mg made me dizzy, unseady and very tired and I hated it so I tried quarters which worked fine. not too much and it seemed to settle me with no real side effects. not like the whole pill caused.

what are the odds of me being addicted? should I worry? I don't want to take the last pill. I want to save it or even ditch it and flat out not take it. It was a script given for short term use. again 10 day dose that I have managed to split into more days. does this have a higher risk for me to become addicted or is it less likely because the ammount of drug in the system is a small amount? UGH, please help with experianced users.

I didn't take my quarter tonight and I have felt hot sweaty, palps, and insomnia. -.-
that isnt anything new however.
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ceejay (Admin)
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Re:Lorazepam question 13 Years, 5 Months ago  
You're not addicted.

THey work because that is what they do. These pills are designed to help a person who is panicking.

You panic, you take the pill, it works.

That is not addiction.

Do consider making an appointment with your Primary Care doc and talking about a longer term solution.
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