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update on "20 years of anxiety...." KlonoWafer

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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Well, it's been a while since I was on panic survivor. But I am back. I was almost panic attack free for the last 3 years or almost 4 years. We moved from New Jersey to Texas and I really love the weather. The sun is doing a lot to keep your mood up :) I was on PS a long time after the last very bad attack in 2005.

I stayed with my good nutrition and exercise for a while too, but the bad habits sneaked in and took all the space over the time. My hormones reminded me the last year or so that there is something like anxiety still right here waiting to have a chance to hit me again. Like a reliable swiss clockwork I had mild to moderate anxiety 2 days before my periode. I was very surprised the one or two times it did not happen. But like I was used to it I was able to cope with it. I knew that it would be gone after an hour or two. I also had maybe 1 or 2 panic attacks in the last 2 years. But I am not sure if this really were attacks or other health issues. The doctor in the ER was not sure either. He said the symptoms I had are not usual panic attack symptoms.

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Kira's Survivor Story

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Kira’s Survivor Story (In the interest of privacy, some names have been changed). My name is Kira and this is my story. I would like my story to show that I am living, walking, breathing proof that one can survive the worst trauma, panic and hardship and still come out alive and smiling. It is a hard story to tell but I feel I am ready for it, and that it will also be an integral part of my healing journey.  First, let me give you a bit of my background and how I came to Panic Survivor.

I am 43 years old. Though my parents divorced when I was in high school, I had a loving family and was blessed to know all four of my grandparents, and was close to many of my aunts, uncles and cousins.  I was active in my small community and was heavily involved in theatre and music. I lived in B.C. most of my life. I worked for many years in the Travel Business. I had a great career, a loving family and wonderful circle of friends. I had many hobbies and interests that kept me busy and happy. I met my husband Mark when I was just 22 years old and had moved to Vancouver.  We dated for a time, went our separate ways, and like a storybook romance, our lives intertwined a few years later and we married when I was 30. Mark and I were soul mates, and madly in love… the once-in-a-lifetime kind of love that everyone hopes to experience but not everyone does.

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My Life

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Thursday, 25 December 2008

HI everyone. My name is Lisa and I have been dealing with panic attacks and anxiety since I was 21 years old. I am currently 39.

I had my very 1st panic attack while driving a very short distance. I started to hyperventilate. I didnt know what was happening or why. I went over to my Moms and she gave me a nerve pill and after about 45 minutes I was better. Well after that I started getting attacks on a more regular basis. Went to the ER several times, thought I was having heart attacks and such. My Dad was 35 when he died of a massive heart attack so I think in my mind that the same thing is gonna happen to me. Its like Im just waiting for it. (Forgot to mention that I am married with 4 children now. 2 of which are married, and 2 still at home)

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A work in progress

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

It all started around 6th grade. I went to a very small, private, christian school. My family didn't go to church, and didn't actually practice religous values, however we still called ourselves Catholic. My school required us to be taught about the Christian religion. Prayer was an everyday event, chapel (similar to church) occured every friday, bible was an actual subject, and we had to memorize scripture weekly. My teachers taught us what they believed, that people that weren't christians went to hell, that christians who didnt act christian went to hell, people that drank, smoked, swore, were gay, had abortions, did drugs, watched bad movies, listened to non-christian music, and in general did non-christian things were going to hell. And the one that hit me the hardest, Catholics were going to hell. I became so worried that my family and i were all going to hell to be tourtered forever and ever and ever. I started to panic, i became short of breathe, i felt dizzy, my chest hurt. Kids would taunt me, teachers wouldnt do anything. Some childrens parents wouldnt allow their kids to hang out with me, or they would push their kids to invite me to their non-denominational christian churches, some of the most extreme of all. I became trapped in one of them, i only went because i was scared that if i didnt i would go to hell. I became depressed.

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You can make a difference!

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008
 Often times we tell ourselves that when we are "together", we will do this and that.  Time goes by and in the midst of our struggles, we also carry a sense of grief because we feel like we are useless.  


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Surviving in the Storm

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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I have developed Panic Disorder in February of 2008 out of the blue. I was sitting at work and was hit with a panic attack so intense that I had my co-workers call an ambulance and my family. My husband was on the floor in the middle of the department I was working in with his hands laid on me, praying like he is was in the middle of church instead. I truly thought that when I left that building that I would be dead. My heart was racing at 180 beats per minute. My blood pressure was 200 over 165 which is very high for me. Everything around me was black and closing in fast. What wasn't black was swooning. My chest was so tight, I could barely breathe, and it hurt so bad that I thought for sure my heart was bursting wide open.

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