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Facing the Fear and Anxiety of the Unknown

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008
By Stanley Popovich 

All most everybody worries about what will happen in the future. The prospect of not knowing if something good or bad will happen to you in the near future can produce a lot of fear and anxiety. As a result, here is a list of techniques and suggestions on how to manage this fear of dealing with the unknown.

Remember is that no one can predict the future with one hundred percent certainty. Even if the thing that you feared does happen there are circumstances and factors that you can’t predict which can be used to your advantage. For instance, let’s say at your place of work that you miss the deadline for a project you have been working on for the last few months. Everything you feared is coming true. Suddenly, your boss comes to your office and tells you that the deadline is extended and that he forgot to tell you the day before. This unknown factor changes everything. Remember: we may be ninety-nine percent correct in predicting the future, but all it takes is for that one percent to make a world of difference.


Learn to take it one day at a time. Instead of worrying about how you will get through the rest of the week or coming month, try to focus on today. Each day can provide us with different opportunities to learn new things and that includes learning how to deal with your problems. When the time comes, hopefully you will have learned the skills to deal with your situation.


Sometimes, we can get anxious over a task that we will have to perform in the near future. When this happens, visualize yourself doing the task in your mind. For instance, you and your team have to play in the championship volleyball game in front of a large group of people in the next few days. Before the big day comes, imagine yourself playing the game in your mind. Imagine that you’re playing in front of a large audience. By playing the game in your mind, you will be better prepared to perform for real when the time comes. Self-Visualization is a great way to reduce the fear and stress of a coming situation and increase your self-confidence.


Remember take a deep breath and try to find something to do to get your mind off of you anxieties and stresses. A person could take a walk, listen to some music, read the newspaper, watch TV, play on the computer or do an activity that will give them a fresh perspective on things. This will distract you from your current worries.

A lot of times, our worrying can make the problem even worse. All the worrying in the world will not change anything. All you can do is to do your best each day, hope for the best, and when something does happen, take it in stride.  If you still have trouble managing your anxiety of the future, then talking to a counselor or clergyman can be of great help. There are ways to help manage your fear and all it takes is some effort to find those answers.



  Stan Popovich is the author of "A Layman's Guide to Managing Fear Using Psychology, Christianity and Non Resistant Methods" - an easy to read book that presents a general overview of techniques that are effective in managing persistent fears and anxieties. For additional information go to: http://www.managingfear.com/   
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sparkle said:

Anxiety & Depression
Written by Sparkle on November 29, 2009

I believe that anxiety and depression cannot be cured by medication, but it only suppresses the symptoms of the problem, and it doesn't get to the root of the actual problem. How our bodies respond is a direct reaction from our thought process. Fears, anxieties, and depression is a direct result from the wrong thoughts which goes way deeper than just this physical realm.

For an uplifting voice, please contact me. I am here to listen. The first 30 minutes is free and you decide if you want to continue on to the next step of getting your life back. You can only gain by making this phone call.
Please contact me: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it (email contact info.)
Give me a little of information about yourself and lets set our first appointment!

I look forward to hearing from you.
November 30, 2009
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HSpence said:

meds do help control the problem but it doesn't solve it
countless visits to the doc have helped me manage but there's a cure
check out this video and see if this is what you really have
it will not cost you a dime to do self-assessment

February 20, 2011 | url
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WorkingOnIt said:

Anxiety then Panic
I experienced this "Double Whammie" 4 days out of the work week when i was a foodserver.
It wasn't about the job itself, it had to do with a supervisor.
I always wondered and often knew beforehand that I would see them on certain days and times.
This added to the dilemma.
Then when I did come into close proximity of this person
I had almost uncontrollable palpatations, sweats, and shakes.
Ever had this happen?
Needlesss to ay i am not working at that place anymore, but only due to a career change.
March 19, 2011
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Crey said:

Nice Post!
My comment here was too long it didn't got accepted so I just want to share what I think about this post.

Ever heard the saying, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself?"

Ponder. Ok, now it's short but words of wisdom need not to be long for the eyes that seek the truth will always find it using the knowledge that God has given thee.

I also want to share the Serenity Prayer for all. It helped me sometime back when I was still confused.

O God and Heavenly Father,
Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other, through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

I am a Muslim but I love Jesus Christ for he taught me how to accept my condition.

Thank you for listening! ^^, You are a very wonderful Human Being created by God. You just need to know God again and seek him so that he will answer you back and tell you what to do. Follow him. That is all.

Goodbye, and take care as always.
April 17, 2012 | url
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Crey said:

God has given thou. Haha, just laugh at your mistakes, and I jsut want to share with you this also.

You must really believe in God for he is truly the reason why everything happens. And it is the naked truth. Seek him and he shall help you.

Read your Holy Bible if you want, but I will believe still that God is one.

Learn to forgive those who mock, for they are mocking themselves.

In our Holy Qur'an was that line.

If you ever want to know me you can add me on facebook my email address is Emskii Masorong. I remembered back then I was feeling scared to open my Facebook account and then one day I forcefully opened it and wrote my first post. What I shared I think can make a difference to the world.

So, that's all and if you want to truly know what happened in my life, where I tried to give up, But I failed. Just go here:


Thank you and Goodluck on our Journey to this illusion of fear.
April 17, 2012 | url
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DougRyan25 said:

Good call
You made a good point with visualizing a certain situation in the future. For me, that would really work, although I don't get to do it much. Your reminder made it fresher to me. Cheers!
November 12, 2012 | url
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Panic Guy said:

Cure Panic Attacks Naturally
I highly agree with this article. It is true that every once in our lives, we do fee anxious and sudden terror that leads us to undergo the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks. That's why it would be best to cure them naturally because drugs can bring side effects to our body. Thus, if you experience regular panic attacks then please do not hesitate to visit http://curepanicattackv.com/un...ic-attacks and know how you can cope-up with it naturally.
January 17, 2013 | url
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Abreal99 said:

That is kinda normal according to me but the thing is its necessary to take care of stuff that is happening around you especially when it comes to stuff that relates to your physique.Good enough that you guys are bothering it.

September 17, 2013
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Abreal99 said:

That is kinda normal according to me but the thing is its necessary to take care of stuff that is happening around you especially when it comes to stuff that relates to your physique.Good enough that you guys are bothering it.

September 17, 2013
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