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  • tsuki : I'm thankful for all of you, my friends.  Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Celebration Smile
  • concernedmom : you also can add more comments to your initial blog
  • Pro42 : Smile
  • Pro42 : thanks for the advice, I'll try again tomorrow
  • concernedmom : two blank replies, it is. sometimes restarting computer helps me. Sign out, restart and sign back in.
  • Pro42 : it's very weird, still no text. could you check and see if you can see the text, or if it's two blank replies?
  • concernedmom : try edit button, it may work
  • Pro42 : I'll try to reply again then
  • concernedmom : well, look around, I am not sure if we see the same setting, keep exploring, I expect it should be there, or just start fresh from scratch, then moderator will "clean" it all up per your request
  • Pro42 : can't find a delete post button
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