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So lately i've been trying to focus on something other than obsessing about why i'm not "normal" ( i'm pretty good about beating myself up ).  i have been listening to Paul Simon's music & it brings me Joy!! His music is wonderful and comforting.  Here is a lyric from his song "Graceland" : "...there is a girl in New York City who calls herself the human trampoline, and sometimes when i'm falling, flying or tumbling  in turmoil i say, oh so this is what she means!" 

I can totally relate to this lyric except for the fact that i'm not from NYC...but anyway i totally get this visual of me on a trampoline when my GAD/OCD takes control and instead of my eyes closed and sheer terror on my face my eyes will be opened and i will be smiling! If this trampoline is what i have to work with, then i will make it work for me and i will bounce and bounce and bounce.....and i will enjoy the ride.....


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uticagirl said:

I love that lyric to that song,,, And I know exactly how u feel,,,, but I am so glad to hear that you are willing to make things work for you and just try and enjoy the ride well you can,, take care
December 26, 2009
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