Vitamin D3 Cured my Anxiety, Depression, and Panic Disorder

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I suffered from depression, anxiety, and panic disorder for a few decades. One day, accidentally, I read something about vitamin D3, and depression on the Net, which ultimately changed my life.

A few months after reading the article, I decided to go for a routine check up, and blood test. This time, I asked for a vitamin D3 test to be included. The test result showed that I was deficient on vitamin D3 !!!

After visiting a doctor known for his work on vitamins, and amino acids deficiencies, I got 300,000 IU (International Units) monthly injections of vitamin D3. Three days after receiving the first injection, the depression started lifting, and in the second month, all symptoms of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks vanished. It has been three years since the first injection. I am on a maintenance dose of vitamin D3. There is no doubt that I have been cured, 100%.

The first question that will pop up in your over exhausted heads is that why the doctors do not know much about the curing power of vitamin D3 ? Dr. S. Zaidi is an Assitant Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA. In general terms, he answers the above question in his book, Power Of Vitamin D:

"Why hasn't my Doctor told me about all the beneficial effects of Vitamin D ?"

"Unfortunately, This exciting new knowledge about vitamin D hasn't reached the radar screen of most physicians, nor has it reached the curriculum of medical schools. Why? Because no drug company is behind it. It's not a drug. it's cheap and you can obtain it over the counter. Unfortunately, most of our medical research, medical guidelines for practicing physicians and medical knowledge in text books is dependent upon drug companies one way or another. Sad but true! It may take years before this revolutionary knowledge finds its way into medical books and physician's offices."

Well, the above quotation should answer some of your questions.

By arranging for a vitamin D3 (25-OH) blood test, you will know the level of vitamin D3 in your body. If your test result is low, which most likely it will be, please take the lab papers to an up to date doctor, and ask him/her to put you on high doses of vitamin D3. It is very important that you go to an up to date doctor before you start your medications--don't forget it please.

Many doctors, all around the World, prefer giving oral supplements of vitamin D3 to their patients.
My doctor was different--he preferred injections. Anyway, the most important thing is to get the level of vitamin D3 in your blood above 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/L), and still keeping it within the allowable safe range.

People in the United States must be careful not to accept vitamin D2 instead of vitamin D3 for their treatment. Vitamin D2 is an inferior type of vitamin D, and not as effective as vitamin D3 in some cases. Vitamin D2 is still being produced in The United States. As a matter of fact, D2 should be used for patients with kidney problems, and other conditions, which require special attention. Otherwise, vitamin D3 should be the first choice for treating people with vitamin D deficiency.

Calcium is a mineral that you need, while taking vitamin D3. Take 500 mgs of calcium supplement at bedtime, or alternatively, get the same amount by having a considerable quantity of dairy products on daily basis. People taking vitamin D3 supplements, must also take magnesium supplements. Otherwise, serious problems may arise. Magnesium oxide is worthless. do not buy it, do not use it. Chelated magnesium is probably the best kind, that you should use. Please note that magnesium in its own right, by many people, is considered a miracle performing mineral in some neurotic cases. People with kidney problems, and hypo-thyroidism must avoid taking magnesium, and calcium, unless they get their doctor’s approval. The magnesium serum blood tests are just worthless, also. They show the result, only for 1% of magnesium, which is in the bloodstream. The other 99% percent is in different parts of the body. We all are magnesium deficient, because of depleted soil, which is the source of magnesium for all plant material. If you start feeling over exhausted, after taking chelated magnesium for a considerable period of time, your body has had enough of this mineral. Stop taking magnesium for a month or two, and then restart with a much lower dose.

Vitamin D3 treatment has worked for me, and many others. There is a good chance that it could work for you also, if you are low on this vital vitamin. Your feedback on your progress will highly be appreciated.

Best wishes,
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Regina said:

Hi Damavandi!

I'm happy to read your comment. I'm suffering for many years panic disorder
I tried use many pills, one of them was perfect, but after 5 years the panic came out again, but with less power

If you see about me, I'm from the other side of the Earth, from Hungary
In my panic forum many people offered D3 vitamin and told me try to use it
I was unbelieved

I'm suffering for many month with depresson also and in my final aggravation I bought "sea fish-oil" capsule
It held D3 vitamin and other well materials

Your comment gave me trust and power :) to start to use it
Even if my panic will not finish , maybe my depression will be easier

September 12, 2012
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Damavandi said:

Hi Regina:

Thank you very much for your kind comments. I love Budapest, and your country.

Please make sure to follow my instruction atthe blog about the 25-OH blodd test. After receiving the test results, please ask your doctor to put you on high doses of vitamin D3.

I shall send you a private message, also.

Best wishes,
September 12, 2012
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Kristi said:

Hello. I am a 49 year old female and have fought panic attacks and severe anxiety my entire life. I have been fighting anxiety to the point where I have been totally non functioning. I have been to shrinks and family doctors. The only relief I ever received was either from valium, xanax and klonopin. Which honestly I did not mind to take if my life was functional again. But with all the abuse of these drugs, doctors are becoming unwilling to keep you on these medications. Anyway...after much more research, I have found a VITAMIN that is totally healing my problem. I am so excited I wanted to share this with others. I read about a Canadian Physician who has CURED some mental illnesses with this VITAMIN and so I decided to try it, as my nerves were coming apart once again with out medications. I am taking NIACINAMIDE 500mg 3 times per day and my racing heart, tingling in feet and hands, FEAR, stress, holding my breath etc., are totally gone!! To me this is a miracle without benzos. I started on Tuesday and today is Friday. I have been to the bathroom alot, as if this vitamin is cleaning out my system, but this stopped today. A person can take up to 3000mg per day if necessary. The only warning I have read is if you have liver problems keep your dosage low. I feel the difference after I take one in 30 minutes. I am taking a capsule. I would recommend buying pill instead of capsule so if you need to take the dose down you can. As severe as my anxiety and panic were I just jumped in with both feet with 500mg. Any one suffering from panic and anxiety please try this. It is a true miracle for me. I have my life back !!!!!!
September 21, 2012
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Damavandi said:

Three Years
Hi Everyone:

It has been three years since my cure.
The above blog is updated, and ready for your attention.

Best wishes,
February 01, 2015
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