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Well, my name's Erin, better known as Flossy (it's been my nickname since I was 3). I'm 18 and I've had panick attacks for about 3 years now. When I first started getting them I thought they were asthma attacks because I also suffer from asthma but after numerous trips to the hospital only to be sent home with nothing wrong with me, I realised it wasn't my lungs at all. After talking with my mum, who also suffered the same problems at the same time in her life, I visited my local GP. In the end that was pointless because they told me that they could do nothing for me because of my age. 

 For the first year and a half I really struggled to gain control and develop coping mechanisms using advice from my mum. I thought I'd got past the panick attacks until about a month ago when it all started again. I just can't stop worrying. Most of the time I worry when there isn't even anything to worry about and I find myself coming to the realisation that I don't even know why I feel the way I do. Mostly my symptoms are a feeling of not being able to breath, sickness and general illness. Though recently, with my wisdom teeth making an appearance, I've started thinking I can feel pain in my mouth when I know for sure there's nothing causing me pain. 

 I can recognise when I'm having a panick attack but I just don't know how to get back into control. I've tried sleeping it off, talking to family members and have also started camomile tea. It feels like a constant battle.... 

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Irish said:

Welcome Erin to our site. Your story is a familar one and I would suggest that you read as many blogs on this site as you can. Your age is the perfect age for this disorder or it would be at 18. Age 15 is a little younger than most, but actually we have all had anxiety disorder since we were little kids. It just surfaces faster with some more than others. It can surface as young as 5 and as late as 45. I;m talking about the panic attacks and the depression and the worrying. While it stays below the surface we don't experience those nasty symptoms. There can be as many as 500 symptoms (read the blogs), but it all comes down to one problem which is anxiety disorder. It would be great if you could now see a psychiatrist for treatment in the right direction meaning therapy and meds if needed, etc. This will improve the quality of your life much more than it is now. Take care....Ed
June 27, 2011
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momoftwins24 said:

So glad that you found us Erin!! There is so much information on this site you have definitely come to the right place. As Ed said read and learn that is such an important step in getting better. Going to a doctor who understands your disorder is also very instrumental in making a recovery and improving your quality of life. There are so many terrible things that anxiety can do to our minds and bodies but ultimately there will come a time when you can look back on this and say you got through it! Once again welcome and hope you start feeling better soon!
June 28, 2011
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flossy said:

Thanks, I've been reading through the site and it's good to be able to see that other people have the same problems. I'm going to go back to my GP and see if they can help me now that I'm a bit older. I'm hoping to start college in august and I'd really like to be able to begin to get things under control before I throw myself into a new environment.
June 28, 2011
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tsuki said:

Hi flossy, I just wanted to welcome you to PS. You've already received excellent advice. Find a good Psychiatrist or Psychologist for diagnoses and treatment. It'll help stabilize you so anxiety and panic isn't overwhelming. By the way, the earlier you learn methods to control your anxiety the more successful you will be in overcoming it. I'm glad you found us . . . hugs
July 01, 2011
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