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Latest Message: 6 hours, 40 minutes ago
  • kittenluvvr : the blogs arent fixed yet?
  • tsuki : Hi Pro42! Click on "Survivor Forums" in left hand column and post according to your subject matter.  Wishing you well Smile
  • Cybervato : «link» is the forun address
  • Pro42 : I want to write a post but I don't know where to post it
  • Cybervato : was grubbing on some chichoronnes (pork Rinds) and came across one that still had hair on it. Looked like a deep fried scr.....never mind!
  • tsuki : Morning!  Nice seeing you again Smile
  • Cybervato : good morning
  • tsuki : Pro42, sorry still working to resolve.  Please use the Survivor Forums to post or blog.  Thanks for your patience.
  • Pro42 : are the user blogs any closer to getting fixed? I don't mean to stress anyone out, just curious Smile
  • concernedmom : :)hi tsuki back to you  Smile everyone is good and scattered around up far and up close  Smile hugs to yours and to you as well  Smile
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