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Latest Message: 1 week ago
  • tsuki : Welcome back Azmom, so happy all is well. Wishing you continued good health . . . hugs
  • Azmom : just wanted to stop in a and say hello.  Hope everyone is well.  My panic has subsided quite a bit.  It has been a long road.  Thanks to many here.  I am a survivoršŸ˜„
  • tsuki : Hiya tcrite, have a "good" evening Smile
  • tsuki : Hi sadeyes, sorry there was no one here at the time. PM me is you need help . . . hugs
  • sadeyes : hello hello,is there anybody out there?
  • tsuki : Hi Pro42, great idea.  Sure will try to create one on forum pages.  Hope you're doing well Smile
  • Pro42 : Could you maybe open a temporary blog forum there? I don't really feel like anything I want to say fits under the various forums
  • kittenluvvr : oh okay thanks tsuki
  • tsuki : Sorry kitten, we'll be using the survivor forums for posting until further notice.
  • kittenluvvr : the blogs arent fixed yet?
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Saturday, 10 October 2015