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Latest Message: 2 weeks, 4 days ago
  • tsuki : Welcome Glitter! Sorry no one was here to chat.
  • Glitter : I would like to chat
  • tsuki : Hi LO!  Welcome back dreammessenger Smile
  • Loves October : Moved several months ago and have a new email.  Was waiting to see when the site was back up.  Don't know how to change email.  Hope all is well.
  • dreammessenger : Hi I'm back guys..
  • Cybervato : My prayer is for all to have an anxiety free weekend and beyond.
  • tsuki : Hi Honeyface!  Yes, it's sad, so sad sad  It's good to see you here.  On the bright side, there's still the forums  Smile  Take care . . . hugs
  • Honeyface : This is so sad as it is a wonderful place for those with anxiety to come and feel safe...now it just seems like a ghost town! ;(
  • Honeyface : Wow! What happened to this site!!!?!?! The blogs are down and it seems the founders have left you high and dry Tsuki!
  • tsuki : Welcome back Azmom, so happy all is well. Wishing you continued good health . . . hugs
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