Awesome sometimes. Shitty others.

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Therapy has been going very well. I am working my butt off to stay caught up with school. As a matter of fact, It's 1:19AM right now, and I'm up doing homework so that I can have a weekend. But the better I do in school, the more my parents let me out of the house, and the happier I am. Right now, I'm only allowed out of the house 3 nights a week, but that's going to change as soon as summer starts. Most of the time, I'm happy nowadays. But there is the occasional panic attack, or depression wave. I just keep pushing through it. I have the most amazing people backing me up, and I don't think I could get any luckier. If life has to throw this at me, then I may as well push through it with a smile. I hope this helped someone who is struggling right now, because, believe me, all of the inspiring words from others on this website is what got me to this point. I used to be so low, and I hated my life. But now, I have accepted it, and I am fighting against the anxiety as hard as I can every day. We can all do it. (:
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MrsEm said:

Really glad you are going through a good moment. The important thing is to continue as you do with your life even if you have some panic or depression. The less importance you make of it, the less power it will have on you and life and will eventually go away. Take good care XXX
April 29, 2011 | url
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SollicituS said:

That is so great to hear! Good for you!! :))
May 02, 2011
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