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Another week has passed by panic free though today I'm feeling a little shaky. I can feel the worry and doubt's looming at the back of my mind but working hard to remind myself that it's only a panick attack and it can't truly hurt me. 

Today I took another step towards controlling some of my issues; I found a new dentist! Sounds a bit silly but I know the dentist is a real issue for me so even putting in the effort to find a new one was a big deal for me. I took my mum along for support and we spoke to the dentist; she's very young, her practice is new and she's very understanding. I'm remaining hopeful though the appointment on Tuesday is still a little daunting.

 I'm hoping this week will keep me occupied enough to not think about the appointment and thankfully my fiance finally comes home on thursday! I hope everyone else has a panick free day/night/week :)  

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inspired said:

After just surviving 3 dental visits in 2 weeks including 2 root canals, I can really understand your fear. I am so glad you met with the dentist first and felt comfortable. That part of it was huge for me. When I went in to have my root canals done, my entire body was shaking. They knew I was terrified & treated me so well. I was grateful for the sedation that enabled me to stay in the chair long enough to have 2 visits of work accomplished in one visit. My mouth did hurt a lot for about a week & it took me 4 days to recover from the sedation, but now I am not afraid any more. I had to go back in again today & was able to go alone and wasn't nervous at all. I would suggest taking a "safe" person if at all possible the first time. Good Luck & All My Best, Norell
August 17, 2011
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