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Latest Message: 1 week, 1 day ago
  • kittenluvvr : hey guys. just posted a new blog..would welcome any advice. other than lose weight lol
  • truck : just a visit..miss this site..i remember becore everyday im here...chillax guys..
  • tsuki : Have a good week.  Whoohoo . . .Labor Day weekend  cool
  • tsuki : Hiya, ceejay, sorry I missed you  sad
  • ceejay : Good Morning!
  • leeciah19 : tnx a lot,..i hope that this forum can help me a lot
  • tsuki : Welcome Leeciah!  I wrote you a private msg.  Take a look Smile
  • tsuki : Welcome back honestjeenn!  I'm happy to see your post and that all's well Smile
  • Azmom : Hi Tsuki...so happy to hear u r well.  I am very happy as well Smile
  • tsuki : Hi Azmom, all's good with me.  Hope you're happy & well  cool
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