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I don't think most people really like change but I think it's taking it's toll on me this week. I've not been too bad for almost a month; so proud of myself! There's been a few occasions where I thought an attack was looming but I've managed to fight against it and come out the other side. I think tonight is just another of those episodes!

I started my new job; it's only Saturdays but I had to go in today for another training thing. The job itself isn't exactly exhausting though my feet are killing me from standing in the same spot for such long hours at the till. I'm also about to start college on the 22nd for the first time which is naturally making me feel a bit nervous and anxious.  

As my life moves on I'm finding less room to worry and build myself up into a state of panick but I can't help wondering that if by filling my life full of things to do that I'll end up crashing into a wall of pressure. I need this job because I want to start planning my wedding; another big stress though I want to try and take it slowly. And I need to be going to college in order to set myself up with a good future career! I just worry that by adding so many changes into my life that I won't be strong enough to deal with the side effects that might come. My family and fiance are being ever increasingly supportive which gives me some comfort and I'm trying to acknowledge every achievement I make!

 I've been a whole month without an actual panick attack and despite my worries, I'm going to try and get to a second month! 

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Irish said:

You seem to know exactly what's going on with your mental capabilities. Being aware is extremely important and you're lucky in that regard. If one thing leads to the next and it seems to start becoming overwhelming then drop it and don't push it. Your mind and body will be giving you message and you have to listen and do what they say. Too much is too much and enough is enough so try to stay in your comfort zone within reason. You know what to do. It's entirely written in your blog. Take care.....Ed
August 11, 2011
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