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Symptoms Of Depression
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TOPIC: Symptoms Of Depression
JustinRoss (Visitor)
Watching Survivor
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Symptoms Of Depression 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Are you, or someone you care about, unusually sad or unhappy? Do you no longer take pleasure in activities that you used to? Has your appetite changed or have you gained or lost weight unintentionally? Have you experienced inexplicable mood swings? Physically, do you experience fatigue when doing even the smallest of tasks? Mentally, are you struggling with speaking, remembering, thinking, reasoning, or deciding things? For more details about Symptoms of Depression, please click here

This is not a paid ads or a spam post, we just want to share valuable information regarding mental health problems.
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tsuki (Admin)
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Re:Symptoms Of Depression 7 Years, 6 Months ago  
Hello Justin,
Ordinarily we do not accept posts for profit that link outside of our forums but I feel that your content regarding symptoms and recommended treatment is indeed informative. We've many members who come here while under supervised treatment to understand withdrawal symptoms. Many are under the supervision of their personal Physician and may lack the information and support needed through this difficult process. Your supervised treatment in-facility or out-patient may be needed by some. The fact that individual health insurance is accepted is a plus. If anything, your list of symptoms and recommendations for treatment, alone, is valuable information. Thank you for your post.
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