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Handling Anxiety at Work (GAD and Panic Disorder)
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TOPIC: Handling Anxiety at Work (GAD and Panic Disorder)
Anonymous047 (User)
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Handling Anxiety at Work (GAD and Panic Disorder) 7 Years ago  

I am recently only taking Xanex as needed to control my panic, which often now, I have to take daily. I am resisting an SSRI until at least mid-year for my own reasons. I notice my panic at work is increased. I have experienced bad time periods in the past as well. Sometimes I'm okay for months and others I start to get severe anxiety and I feel it interferes with my work. I'm terrified of meetings and people putting me on the spot without notice (I haven't taken a Xanex!). I even get nervous when someone just stops in my office to talk, thinking I'll panic. Sometimes I even fear losing my job over it. I have tried to tell my bosses about my Panic Disorder, but they don't seem to grasp it. I've even had to present before - a ridiculous, 5 minute only slot, over a Webinar (not even standing in front of people) and I panicked and started crying, which was awful. That was mid-last year. It hasn't happened since. However, this Monday, I got very nervous for an internal meeting and only had to talk for a few minutes and started to choke up and shake. Some people could tell how nervous I was but I just kept going. When I was done, I was so relieved but couldn't stop shaking for like ten minutes. I feel NUTS. It was with people I work with and see on a daily basis. Maybe 11 I had to speak to. I obsessively check calendars to see when clients are coming in and if I have to be around/involved, etc. How do others deal with GAD and Panic Disorder at work? Right now, I'm in a low period. But I know there is hope. Thank you for listening!
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tsuki (Admin)
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Re:Handling Anxiety at Work (GAD and Panic Disorder) 6 Years, 12 Months ago  
Welcome to PS. Unfortunately, I know what that feels like I've always been a good speaker and never suffered nervousness when it came to work although I experienced it with social anxiety. I stayed away from social engagements for quite awhile until I was recommended treatment by my therapist. I underwent Cognitive Behavioral and Exposure Therapy which consisted of exercises in changing my thinking and developing coping skills. I was then incrementally put into situations where I could use those skills. It took some time but I am happy to say that I now function normally in any given social situation and in any environment. Additionally, I was prescribed benzodiazepines to help calm the anxiety.

I truly hope you and your Dr. can develop a treatment for you as left to fester, the increase in anxiety can prove debilitating. All the best to you. Let us know how you do . . . hugs
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