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Latest Message: 2 weeks, 2 days ago
  • tsuki : Welcome brownidgal Smile  My 1st panic attack took place on the freeway. There are many here who experience the same.
  • Brownidgal76 : Hello i just joined friends. ..idoes anyone else in here have a freeway phobia
  • tsuki : Hi, welcome durga!!
  • durgazone : hiii
  • tsuki : Hi girl26, I hope you're doing well Smile
  • tsuki : TGIF! Hope you all have a "good" weekend . . . hugs Smile
  • tsuki : Hi heather, welcome Smile please post a blog and let us help.
  • heather411 : hi i just registered on this site i desperately need help with dealing w panic attacks. supposedly i have panic disorder.. really struggling with it....
  • zak126 : Hello
  • tsuki : Have a great TGIF and peaceful weekend everyone . . . hugs
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