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  • draydon : Hope everyone has a stress free Friday and a nice relaxing weekend
  • ebgirl : Hi Everyone, It's been along time since I've been here. Having a lot of High Blood pressure spikes due to anxiety. Just wanted to discuss with the experts?? Smile  Thanks
  • tsuki : Thanks mrphil. HAGD and hoping today is one too. GDTY!
  • mrphilinmaine : How is everyone doing today?  Wishing for a nice day wink
  • mrphilinmaine : Thanks much tsuki!  It went wonderful - Blog posted with experience for anyone interested.
  • tsuki : Thanks, hope you have one too!  I hope all went well Smile
  • mrphilinmaine : Counseling today Smile  Hoping for the best...!  HAGD all.
  • mrphilinmaine : wandering into and saying hi as a new member.  I'm here if anyone needs an ear... wink
  • tsuki : Hi Journey2happiness Smile  Wishing you better days ahead.
  • draydon : Happy New Year everyone Smile
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