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Latest Message: 6 days, 9 hours ago
  • Sako : Anyone there
  • GEORGIA : To; BMG86 a everyone else read my blog on anxiety & depression cause it just might help you an I hope your doing a'lot better now !
  • BMG86 : having a panic attack right now, hoping someone could talk me down a bit
  • tsuki : Thanks Georgia, hope you have a good day Smile
  • GEORGIA : Hope everyone had a great day & welcome totallymarisa & everybody have a good night so ttyt
  • GEORGIA : thanks tsuki for the welcome an I just updated my profile some more so if anybody has any questions just ask an take a few mins to see the positive things you have in life now an the ones you get to look forward to but I know its hard cause of all we go through but if we all come together an help one another we can do it !!  Smile Smile Smile
  • tsuki : Welcome Georgia, I'm glad you're here Smile
  • concernedmom : it's cold in here, wish previous weekend's weather didn't change
  • alana winner : hey shelly 76, they are scary, but know that they don't always happen again. I hope you get rest and feel better
  • shelly76 : first panic attack hit me today, it was so scary! I had no control
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