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I Dont *Hate* Going to the Hairdresser anymore :)

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Sunday, 10 October 2010
I never like going to the hairdresser. There’s something about being in that chair with the little cape on that makes me feel trapped. I can usually handle a haircut or color when the salon is not too busy, but if the salon is crowded, this can be a panic attack trigger situation for me.

Lots of people with social anxiety have a hard time going to salons and getting haircuts.

Before I was actively trying to recover from panic attacks and anxiety, I absolutely dreaded going to the hairdresser. I hated making small talk.

Hair stylists can be really chatty, and I used to not like the personal questions. Then if I got a stylist who wasn’t as talkative, I’d wonder if something was wrong.

In the crowded salon on a busy Saturday, sometimes I’d be “trapped” in the chair and a neighbor or acquaintance would walk in. I remember having lots of panic attacks in hair salons over the years.

When my agoraphobia and social anxiety were at their worst, I even cut my hair at home a few times. It looked horrible, but I couldn’t make myself go into a beauty salon. Picturing the bright lights, the chatty girls, and being trapped in the chair for an hour or more (for a color and cut) were too much for me.

I’ve used these 2 tips to make going to the hairdresser more manageable for me. As you practice getting more comfortable going to the hairdresser, hopefully they can help you too:

1. Schedule your haircut or color when the salon is not too busy. If you don’t know when this is, call the salon and ask.

2. Say no to the blow dry. This can take 15 minutes or more and the heat of the dryer could also make me feel jittery. I never minded leaving the beauty shop with wet hair, even in the winter. It definitely got me out much faster.

Since I am actively working on beating my panic attacks and anxiety every day using Panic Away (which I really like, here is my Panic Away review), I have made progress in baby steps. Today I don’t dread going to the salon like I used to.

I still don’t love getting my hair done but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be. And my hair looks a lot better too. ;)

How do you do at the hairdresser?
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inspired said:

I hate going to get my hair cut. Everything you described is exactly how I feel. If I walk in and it's very crowded, I feel trapped. I know if I leave I will lose my place in line, so I have to stay. I do always bring a book or sometimes purchase a magazine I wouldn't usually purchase(People or Us) and read while I am waiting. I hate the cape - it's always way too tight and I have to ask them to loosen it. I keep my hair very short so the cut doesn't take too long, but I don't like to make small talk with strangers. I do have one particular woman who knows just what I want and I love to talk to her, so I always try to go on days I know I can have her cut my hair. Thanks for the good hints on timing of visits. I am in need of a hair cut and have been avoiding it for two weeks!!! All My Best, Norell
October 13, 2010
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