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I will be OK!

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hello everyone! I will start by introducing myself. Im 21 years old from the Philippines. Im a 4th year Engineering Student and living a happy life with my parents and siblings for 21 years not until July 27, 2009. This time it change mylife. This is my story.

I had a flu on July 23, 2009, it was the time when the A(H1N1) flu virus is at present. But our community is free from it so i don't give so much attention to myself. My fever had run-off on july 25, 2009. I was busy playing computer game when suddenly i notice that i had a rushes in my hands. i run directly to my mother and ask here about it, she told me that it was nothing, but my sister in-law was their at that time and she told me that it maybe a dengue fever. When i heard that word my body starts to trembling and butterflies in my stomach, I was so nervous. i keep on thingking that it maybe a dendue. The day after, i went to school with the same thoughts bothering my mind and my body is still shaking as if their are currents flowing throught it. i am still nervous that it maybe a dengue because the rushes in my skin is still their.

On july 27 morning i dicided to have a laboratory examination on my blood to find out if i really had a dengue. The good news is i don't have it, but still my mind is bothered and the trembling in my body wont stop. I go to sleep about 10:30pm when suddenly i woke up and had my first panic attack. i felt the world is crushing down on me. i am so nervous. i force my self to sleep hoping that maybe tomorrow it will gone. July 28, i woke up for the first time in my life having fears which i dont know about, i lost my interest, i lost my life as if i will be insane. i have nerves all over my body. i cry begging for help. i dont know my self anymore. i dont know what to do. i hug my brother tightly and beg him to help me. i am so scared for that moment that thingking that i will be insane. i,ve suffered the shakes and trembling for 5 days. But the anxoius thoughts are still in my mind up to this time. I'm still findiing myself. I am still nervous from time to time but manage to go to school. i get my strength to people i love, reading stories which i can realate and praying to God.

Being anxoius is a mind setting, i just keep on thingking positive thoughts and be inspired to little things so the negative will ruh-off easily. I hope this would help, i got this from a movie Kung Fu Panda. it say's "Yesterday is a History, Tomorrow is a Mystery and today is a gift that's why it is called present". We shoud not think to much from the past and a what would the future maybe. Just take oneday at a time.

I hope that my story would somehow help you. We can do this. The good news is i am ok. You will be ok, as my father would tell me, "It wont kill you and harm you". My father suffered stroke for 4 times. And still he is fine. We can be fine too.

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Irish said:

Can you see a Doctor? If so, see if you can get a referral to a psychiatrist so you can get started in feeling better. He or she will prescribe medications for this and some therapies to work on. You have a serious illness like the rest of us. It's called anxiety disorder. It causes many symptoms that make you feel out of control. Panic attacks are one of the symptoms. Don't try to go it alone. Get some help if you can. In the mean time, read the stories on here especially the ones on panic attacks since that is what's bothering you at this moment. You are not alone. Life changes for all of us in much the same way you describe here. It's not your fault. It's not something that's just in your head. It's an illness which is mental rather than physical and is serious. So try some of the things I said and get yourself started in the right direction. Take care......Ed
September 01, 2009
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tsuki said:

Thanks for sharing your story. Your symptoms are definitely anxiety ones. It's great to see you with such a positive attitude while still undergoing the 1st stages of your anxiety awareness. If you choose not to consult a psychDr. or GP for help with your symptoms, please seek help when the symptoms become to overwhelming.

Great, it sounds like you have a wonderful support system at home! Best wishes . . . keep posting :)
September 03, 2009
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vgaur said:

great, i think u are well equipped to handle any situation that might arise out of ur anxiety anytime, and u will just b fine. And plz in future u need, consult a doctor and keep posting here; we will help u understand ur problem/s, if any.
April 04, 2010
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Raederle said:

An excellent book
The book, "The Art of Happiness" did a lot for my way of thinking, and changed me greatly for the better. It helped me understand that the most meaningful thing I could do was become happy, and showed me how to do that. In combination with other things I did, I recovered my panic attacks.

I used to get very dizzy on a regular basis, as well as suddenly feel short of breath, or pains in the center of my chest (within my heart, as I have come to understand.) These symptoms were often in combination with "stitches" in my side (sharp pains running through the sides, somewhat forward from the direct middle of my sides).

When I told my mom about some of these symptoms (it was ages eight through sixteen that I had them the most often) she became very concerned. (I told her about it at length at the age of nine, I believe.) She told me that chest pains could be very serious, and that if I ever felt them I should sit down immediately and calm my breathing. She told me that if I didn't, it was possible that I could die (depending, of course, on what the pains meant.)

I grew up believing more and more firmly that I had a serious disease that I would die from at a young age. Around the age of eleven my mom began to suspect I had lupus, but the doctors wouldn't credit her theory.

At the age of sixteen I told my mother that I didn't really believe I'd live past the age of twenty-seven. The number "felt like" it had "significance," and I believed that feeling meant I would die at that age. Secretly I hoped that meant that I would find prince charming at that age, because after-all, that would be a much more enjoyable outcome even it meant waiting so many years for it to happen.

As it turns out, when I began to change my diet at the age of sixteen many of the symptoms began to go away. The dizziness came less often, and the splitting headaches began to lessen, the side pains lessened. I became encouraged to do more food research to see if I could eliminate some of my symptoms. Today, after six years of altering my diet in stages (based on more and more continual research on a nearly daily basis for several of those years), I never randomly feel dizzy. My heart doesn't just begin to hurt out of no where anymore. I don't suddenly feel like I can't breath anymore. As well as many other issues I used to have dissipating.

This leads me to believe that many other people with "panic attacks" could be cured the same way I was. I wrote more about it here: http://reallyrawraederle.blogs...tacks.html
December 01, 2010 | url
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cremativa said:

well, why are you so sure resume help is not the proper one to deal with?
December 27, 2010
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Emskii said:

thank you. i feel so much better now knowing that someone is also going through the same situation. I'm from the Philippines too bro, '',
March 01, 2011
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singlegemini said:

we will too
i'm also from philippines pinoy. i have anxiety for 5 years.
March 11, 2011
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the_phoenix said:

wow rami rin palang pinoy na may ganito.. haha. powta puro english kase eh. haha. diba? .. meron ba kaung alam na forum ng pinoy na merong panic attack ang nilalaman? cge un lng mga trollz babaye.
March 12, 2011
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singlegemini said:

hanapin mo sa google

pinoyexchangeforum anxiety
March 29, 2011
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orangepeelme said:

ako rin.. im also suffering right now from anxiety.. :( i dont know what to do... sooo hard!
April 23, 2011
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