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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Please bare with me, my writing is that of an amateur and my story is a little long...I have always been pretty aware of my surroundings and always worried too much whether people had the best of intentions where I'm concerned and what they were capable of. But all in all I managed to live a pretty normal life, no panic attacks that were obvious to others and an active social life. All that changed on December 27th 2005.

December 27th is Vanessa's birthday and in 2005 she was finally turning 21. I had plans that included my usual lazy behavior and maybe taking my bff out to lunch to celebrate. A few weeks prior we had met some guys that gave me the creeps and well Vanessa decided she wanted to spend her birthday with them. Kayla was all for it. My first reaction was Hell no! But after much prodding and begging from the girls I gave in and agreed to go. But just to be the designated driver.

We met the guys at a gas station and drove to the end of 8 mile road to Empire Slough where Vanessa and the guys drank and smoked pot and Kayla spent time alone with one of the boys, and me? I just sat and listened and thought of all the things that could go wrong. Around 1 am the guys really started to freak me out so I gather up my girls and get them in the car. By the way I hate water and stupidly make comments as to my fear of driving right into it. Anyways as Im getting in the drivers seat the main guy Robert makes a few comments about my squareness and then weirdly tells me to go ahead and he will follow me to make sure Im ok with driving next to the water.

We drive slowly as Vanessa and I bicker playfully as usual and Kayla says "I love you guys"....we scream as the car spins out of control and Kayla laughs hysterically.........fast forward to 1:05am. I am regaining consciousness completely under water punching the drivers side window only to find the muddy ground on the other side, the car shifts and is now sitting upright. Vanessa swims in front of me through the drivers side window and to safety. I struggle still strapped in my seatbelt and I reached my left hand up out of the car. I feel air on my fingertips and I realize Im not going to go home ever again. The seatbelt loosens but my feet become trapped in the steering wheel and I relax and start to cry, leaning my head back and looking through the rear view mirror as I pray for God to forgive my sins. Then all of a sudden Im out of the car on the levee.

No one had come to get me though. Miraculous for a girl who can't swim huh? Well by then the guys were standing on the bank screaming for me to get out the water and Vanessa was standing with them. I was crying unable to see clearly with glass in my eyes, but I counted figures and refused to leave as I screamed "KAYLA KAYLA KAYLA......." the guys refused to call for help and when I finally got out the water they just got in their car and left us there.......by the time Vanessa and I had ran the distance to the houseboat area and called 911 and got some help it was too late.  At 1:37 am they pulled my best friend out of the water as I looked on in a state of panic muttering over and over "I killed my best friend, I killed my best friend."

It wasnt until the next day the police discovered the guys had become irritated with me and hit the car in an effort to scare me in order to get even. They then went home to party some more and admitted to the cops they thought none of us made it. the driver is nearly done with his 7 year sentence and the other guys apparently didnt break any laws. Vanessa refuses to accept the reality of that night and I have been scared to death of water,fun and people ever since.

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