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What's this toolbar thing??

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Monday, 09 March 2009

There's this POP up thing on the top of the site that says something about installing our toolbar...

 What is that? 

I've Created a toolbar that you can install on your browser (IE or Firefox) that is Google based meaning it does Google Searches just like the Google toolbar does but also has some other very neat "PS" features.  For instance it runns a ticker of the Blog Postings.  So you can always see the latest posts and go directly to them.  It has a few other gadgets etc as well.  The Toolbar is made using Conduit.com which makes toolbars for many other major sites such as Major League Baseball (MLB),

You can see a preview of the toolbar and it's functions here: http://panicsurvivor.ourtoolbar.com/ 

It has an uninstall feature if you don't like, guranteed spam free, and it will help you stay connected with PS and all of your friends here!

toolbar powered by Conduit
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dreammessenger said:

I do not want to install the toolbar! Please discontinue having it pop up ever again.
April 22, 2009
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sparkle said:

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November 30, 2009
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