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Years of Anxiety and Panic with some Advise.

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Wednesday, 04 March 2009
Well this is my first blog on this site, I have been through Anxiety and severe panic attacks for the last 10 years, I will talk about different medicines that I have took and what works for me and what doesnt and if you are starting any of these medications what to possibly expect. Everybody is different though.

Alright. Well here Iam to tell you about my Anxiety and Panic Attacks ups and downs for the last 1o years. I have never actually blogged before only read alot of them which has helped me so I will talk about me. When I was 17 year s old I have my first panic attack. It felt like my heart bounced out of my chest, I had blurred vision, sweating, etc.

 That is when it all started. I rushed to the hospital, they say nothing is wrong with me just a anxiety attack. After the attack I instantly started having constant anxiety trying to figure out what happened and why, was something wrong with me?, the worrying x100. I developed GAD within a couple months of the first attack worrying too much, waiting for that attack and testing myself to see what triggered it. I have put myself in everykind of situation that could start panic and suprisingly what I thought would didnt. Listen I have king-crabbed in Alaska out of a Small dutch harbor in the Bering Sea and alot of other dangerous jobs and or situations.

Now I sell Real Estate for the last 6 years. I have been on every kind of medicine you can think of. Here it goes. For 2 years I trialed anti-deppresants, no go. Then I went to benzo's. I started with ativan(lorazepam). Started working great but just like a benzo I built tolerance. 3mg per day. So I switched to Xanax, Propanalol and Hydroxzy. 7  Years of this. 3-4mg of Xanax per day, propanalol for the heart rate(beta-blocker) and the Hydroxzy for sleep and to not have panic-attacks during sleeping. Those are the worst, waking up with a panic attack in the middle of the night. Somereason nightime gives me anxiety also.  So I dropped the propanalol 3x per day after a couple years, no change after getting rid of them, went off the hydroxzy kindof got sick of the groggynis in the morning.

So after awhile I felt that xanax lost its affect, I felt strange all the time not just panic or anxiety just tight and tense, just hard to explain things, like my throat always tight, restless legs all day and on and on. So I told my shrink to switch me to clonazepam after some research. I started on those in Sept. 08. 3mg per day. They started out great, sex drive was low at first but I thought I found the drug I was looking for. Not.

It is March now and I just completely stopped taking the clonazepam as of yesterday. The pills made me very depressed, tired, groggy and very dry mouth and I felt if a panic attack was coming on these were not going to stop it or prevent it. Always thirsty too, I switched to Xanax XR 3mg and Niravam(same thing as xanax just dissolves in your mouth without that nasty taste) for panic attacks if they arrive. Just started to today and have never took Xanax XR, so we will see. For any advise to folks just learning about panic or anxiety disorders, what works for me and alot of my folks in my class I teach is Exercise!Exercise!, your body needs to burn off that stress internally. You can beat this with proper medicines and exercise. 

I have been through every test on my body to see if I have Cancer, or this or that. My bloodpressure is perfect, my cholesterol is alittle high but managable but I still think things are wrong with me all the time, still working on that. All it is for most people is to much worry, your waiting for the next attack, your on the wrong meds and dont want to switch because your afraid of the anxiety that could cause and you dont exercise enough and of course your probably afraid to die. So anyways, if anybody has any experience on Xanax XR let me know. Xanax has always been my friend for anxiety and panic attacks but Iam dependant on them because of the addiction they have. Dont start these unless you absolutely have to. So hopefully the one pill a day does its job. If anybody has any questions about medicines fill free to ask. I.M. education and personal experience should be able to help people in need.

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mama2three said:

Thanks for sharing !! I guess it's true what they say with there is NOT one perfect med for everyone. Sometimes there is a lot of trial and error. I was on xanax for over a year but like you my tolerance built up. I had to stop it when I got pregnant. So, I just recently started taking klonopin a few days ago. It has been helping...so far , so good. I find it helping my physical symptoms a lot. I am supposed to be starting cymbalta in a few days. I'm weaning off of zoloft b/c the doc thinks I had a "poop-out" effect with it which just means that it just stopped working and she said it happens sometimes when people take it. So, I'm hoping and praying the combination of klonopin and cymbalta do the trick or at least let the anxiety be manageable now.
March 30, 2009
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msshorty10 said:

hey i think i have panic attacks cant do anything or go anywhere without thinking im going to have one. The doctor gave me plistiq and had a REALLLLLLL bad side effect. Now they gave me lexapro i hope this works so i can get on with my life again. I'm waiting to take them til my husband can be home just incase i have a bad side affect to them too lets hope not!!!! any advise anyone!!!!!
April 01, 2009
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sharonk said:

panick attacks
panick attacks are ruining my life any advice
June 13, 2009
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