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A huge Apology

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Friday, 02 January 2009

Greetings PS Members!

I feel as though a public apology is necessary as well as a huge thank you to a couple of really really good people who "woke me up".  For some time now I have been Anxiety free.  I don't want you to misunderstand... it's not that I never feel anxiety (I do) but it is a normal emotion that is now "in it's place".  Nevertheless because of career stuff and other stuff, I drifted away from the site for a while.

Thanks to God, we have some really wonderful people here that keep this site going in the right direction.  remo and Ceejay (our site administrators) give countless hours of their time to this site.  They aren't paid, they simply do this from the bottoms of their hearts.  Remo has been here since nearly day one of the site and Ceejay for several years.  Both care very much about this site and both care very much about the members.

Recently they contacted me and we had a conference call. This was the first time ever that I spoke with them on the phone.  Wow what a meeting it was!  I knew how much they cared but to talk to them just reinforced for me just how committed they are. 

Now for my apology...

First let me apologize for letting the speed issue go unresolved for so long.  During the conference call they impressed upon me how bad the issue really was.  As some of you know we redesigned the site some time ago.  It definitely improved the site, but along with it came an issue that just consistantly got worse.  Because I had drifted away I hadn't seen just how bad it was getting.  Because of remo and Ceejay pushing to meet with me it got front and center attention.  It was an easy fix, I just needed the push.

Second, let me apologize for something VERY important.  The survivor stories section of the site.  On the "backside" it's not easy to see that a new story is submitted.  It was generally my responsibility to take care of these submissions.  Because of my absence I didn't take care of publishing them like I had in the past.  I just published a whole LOT of them.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE forgive me if you submitted one and I didn't publish it in a timely fashion.  PLEASE if you haven't been to the survivor story section in a while GO THERE!  There are a bunch I just published.  Survivor stories are very therapeutic to those that write them (I know I wrote the first one :) )  and to have them published and receive feedback is another important part of the process.  Several key members submitted stories that never got the Frontpage exposure that they deserved.  PLEASE visit the survivor story section of the site and please go past page one as there are stories never seen before even on the second page.

And now for more thank you's...

Because of this meeting Remo and Ceejay reminded me just how much I care for this site and for the people here.  While my "real life" took some priority through their meeting with me they reminded me that this is part of my real life too.  As some of the regular members can see there have been a lot of changes recently.  I hope that you all find them "good" changes.

Just for a brief list of the new stuff:

New Blog system

New Comment System

New Chat system - this was broken for way too long

Twitter integration with your profiles

New Auto welcome system - sends messages and connection requests to new members

New fields in the profile (gender and anxiety type)

New free flow area to write in your profile

New Members display

New - Who's online module that lets you connect in more ways.

Also remo and Ceejay have recruited and trained even more new moderators.  Their time and energy in helping this site should also be noted.  Without volunteers this site is just too big and too busy to run right.  It's the help from all of you and the participation of many that makes this site a great place.   All to often people thank me for this site.  But I DO NOT deserve the thanks.  I built the structure but it's many others that deserve the thanks for what this site "is" and what is has become.

God bless each of you and especially in my prayers, God Bless remo and Ceejay,


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Toolooze said:

You must all be extraordinary people. The site helped me when I was suffering from acute anxiety and panic. Thanks so much!
June 22, 2012
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