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update on "20 years of anxiety...." KlonoWafer

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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Well, it's been a while since I was on panic survivor. But I am back. I was almost panic attack free for the last 3 years or almost 4 years. We moved from New Jersey to Texas and I really love the weather. The sun is doing a lot to keep your mood up :) I was on PS a long time after the last very bad attack in 2005.

I stayed with my good nutrition and exercise for a while too, but the bad habits sneaked in and took all the space over the time. My hormones reminded me the last year or so that there is something like anxiety still right here waiting to have a chance to hit me again. Like a reliable swiss clockwork I had mild to moderate anxiety 2 days before my periode. I was very surprised the one or two times it did not happen. But like I was used to it I was able to cope with it. I knew that it would be gone after an hour or two. I also had maybe 1 or 2 panic attacks in the last 2 years. But I am not sure if this really were attacks or other health issues. The doctor in the ER was not sure either. He said the symptoms I had are not usual panic attack symptoms.

But we all know that the panic is a very creative and sneaky thing that always could come up with new symptoms just to through us off. Well so far so good..... Last periode! Oh my gosh... The attack started like usual 2 days before, it lasted and it was not only anxiety but a full blown attack. I coped with it or tried to for more than a week. It went into depression. I knew that this could happen from former bad attacks. If an attack is lasting hours or days it will result in depression in my case. Awful! The last few days the anxiety is on and off and I was not able to deal with it anymore. I went to get acupuncture yesterday. I went to my doc today and got the generic to Xanax. I have liquid valerian root and rescue remedy here. I went to the lab for blood testing and we will go from there. My acupucturist will find out if my blood sugar is triggering the imbalance. I will go to the gynecologist too to have the hormones tested soon. I am changing my nutrition again to a better one and I will start exercising soon. I did not eat a lot the last 2 weeks and I think I need a little more "base" to start it again.

It looks like I have to work on me again, but I will not take the anxiety again. I will fight it like I did 3 years ago and I know I can beat it (even for a while). I will keep you updated what the tests and the treatments did for me.

Cheers - Uli

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ceejay said:

Uli- you don't know me, but I feel like I know you. I came to the old PS site just after you left and I read everything on that site - so I read all your posts, and really followed your process and your progress even if I was a little behind! You have been a really big help to me because you shared your story - and that is the same with this update.

I too have had panic for 20 years (maybe longer) and have had a great run of panic-free time now. But I know the dance is always possible. I know that when I take care of myself in all the basic, deep and necessary ways then I am fine and will be fine. But if I let things go I am setting myself up for some trouble!!

So, while I am not glad you are experiencing some panic and depression, I am glad you are back and that you're sharing!! I hope we can all be there for you and support you like YOU have done with so many!!

Take gentle care, do stay in touch - and again, thanks for sharing your story!

January 02, 2009
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remo said:

Welcome back Klono!
January 02, 2009
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4Him said:

Hi, Klono!
It's good to "see" you again. I am truly sorry to hear about the panic returning and your depression also. It sounds like you have your goals set and that is a positive sign.
January 02, 2009
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Honeyface said:

I also remember you from the old Web site and found your posts very informative and helpful. I am sorry you are having troubles, but I too am glad you are back. You like to do things the natural way and I would love to know what your tests come back to tell you and what you are told to do about it. I know you will get through this rough patch you are going through right now. God bless.
January 21, 2009
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KlonoWafer said:

Hey honeyface, yeah that's a familiar one too :)

Ceejay, I remember you. I was not very active but I sneaked in a few times and I remember that we are on the same page with alternative treatments I saw you :P

4Him, same inspirational person as always (hug)

Remo, I am happy that you guys are still here!
January 23, 2009
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Reckals said:

Love the courage to keep facing the anxiety, you're definitely a survivor! You'll beat it this time around just like last time, I believe in you :)
February 20, 2009
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