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Social Anxiety Study Results

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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Impact of Social Anxiety and Employment 

OBJECTIVE: Studies in clinical and community samples have documented that social anxiety disorder is common, disabling, and costly. It reduces educational attainment and job success, and thus it may undermine economic self-sufficiency. The authors examined whether social anxiety disorder was an obstacle to successful employment in a longitudinal epidemiological study of women receiving welfare in an urban Michigan county. The hypothesis that social anxiety disorder would predict reduced work attainment was examined.

METHODS: Psychiatric diagnoses were established with the Composite International Diagnostic Interview-Short Form. The authors conducted a linear fixed-effects regression analysis for survey data with 609 respondents who completed at least the third wave of the Women's Employment Study in order to explore obstacles to employment among mothers on welfare.

RESULTS: Analyses demonstrated that compared with respondents without social anxiety disorder, those with this disorder worked fewer months. The impact of social anxiety disorder was independent of and more striking than the effects of depression. CONCLUSIONS: By undermining efforts to obtain or maintain employment, social anxiety disorder poses a significant, unrecognized impediment to efforts to reduce welfare reliance and to help recipients achieve economic self-sufficiency. Because recipients may lose benefits if they fail to enter the workforce rapidly and if they exceed time limits for support, those with social anxiety disorder are at risk of extreme economic hardship. Improved access to effective treatments in this population could have significant public health and economic benefits.

See complete information here: http://psychservices.psychiatryonline.org/cgi/content/abstract/60/1/61

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Reckals said:

I work with this daily, and ironically am part of it.

Though I agree that working on this will alleviate the mentioned problems immensly, I also know we already HAVE programs in place which address this. The problem isn't in setting up programs, the problem is getting to the people.

Many don't see this as the problem, sadly the blame goes to issues in front of them, rather then within them. Gotta fix the foundation before the house can be built, right? Something I'm coming to terms with as well, so I can't say I don't understand.

I get tired of getting chain mails and the like about how wrong things are, without an answer or anyone willing to put up the work to do anything about it. More so that I know I'm not the person who can fix that problem.

Since I'm so close to this, maybe I'm the person who can help in my comunity, and if I'm lucky, others...I'm talking to the docs I work with next year. Ha, that sounds so far away..
December 31, 2008
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Social Anxiety Study Results
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