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A Blogging How To

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

We've replaced the Blog system with a new one that is far superior to the old one.  As people with Anxiety a lot of us dislike change but the reality is that the world around us is filled with change that we will have to deal with so what a better place to test our ability to handle change than PS where we are surrounded by friends that can guide us, and help us cope with it.

This article will provide some basics on how to create a Survivor Blog.

blog1.jpgFirst once you are logged in to Panic urvivor you will see your user menu on the top right hnd side.  Click on the link that says "My Blog Dasboard" 









This is the area that you will control your entire blog from. Here you can add new posts, edit existing posts, delete posts, manage your preferences, etc.

Lets take a deeper look into the blog control panel.











Starting with the tabs at the top.

My Account: Anytime you are in the blog area you can click on the "My Account" tab and return to your dashboard. 

Feed: This is where you can access the RSS feed for the entire Panic Survivor Blog.  However if you are viewing an individuals blog this tab will show you just that person's rss feed.

Search: allows you to Search all blog posts (by anyone) for a specific word or phrase.

Tags:  Each Blog post can be associated with a "general subject"  We have added a number of "tags" that you can select when adding a post.  This tab will show you the list of tags people have used.  By clicking on a tag you can see all posts that used that tag.  Tags available right now are: bad day,  funny, gad,  good news, help,  inspiration,  myblog, ocd,  panic, rant,  sad, treatment.  We may add more tags in the future. 

Home:  takes you to the home page of the entire blog (everyone's posts)

The second set of Tabs:

My: Brings you back to the dashboard screen

Preferences: Allows you to change the name of your blog and it's description

Stats: Shows you how many people have viewed your blog and how many have subscribed to it's rss feed.

 By Clicking on Write a new Entry you are able to add a new post to you blog.

 You will see this screen:






















Along the top you will see typical editing tools like "Bold", Underline, Italics, Bulleted list, etc. If you simply hover your mouse over each a tool tip will pop up and show you what each one does. The last item in the tool bar deserves mentioning.  This tool adds a "read more" location to the post. The article will have intro text (text that shows up on the main part of the blog) with the remainder showing up when the visitor clicks "read more".   By default the system will only show the first three paragraphs.  However if your first 3 paragraphs are really long then you should insert a "read more" earlier in you post.

 Down the right hand side are several other important tools.

Publishing Options: Allows you to either publish or not publish a post for visitors to view.  It also allows you to publish something to appear at a later date.

Tags:  As mentioned above this will let you select a tag (general subject) to associate your blog with. 

Images: Let's you upload your own images for use in your blog.  To put an image into you blog simply double click on it.

Search: lets you find your older posts to reference them

Trackbacks: if you are going to quote some one elses blog you can use the trackback url to let them know.  (this is an advanced blogging feature)


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