Long-Time Survivor _Words of Wisdom

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Friday, 24 October 2008

I'm 50 almost, so tat would make it about 25 years since I had my first and continuing attack/disorder on August 12th, 1986 as I was exiting a freeway off ramp. I've reviewed the many threads and had never heard of such a site, but I see that my condition is shared with many ages and stages. I was on imipriame for 15 years before breakthrough symptoms led me to als clonazepam. The physcitrist told me 25 years ago that I might have to deal with this the rest of my life. I have. Before I was diagnosed, I lived wih all the sme symptoms many of you have described (heartbest, nervousnes for no reason, nausea when bad, like you're going crazy)..luckily before I started the medication after many medical tests, I found that my coping behavior (studying) helped me get my Masters degree, and then once on my medication fell in love and had kids, the oldest of which is now 21. I feel I should warn them that this runs in my family and that onset is consistent with research - mid twenties.  I am older now. For years, I've had to work out regularly to deal with the weight gain, so I'm in great shape for 50.  My words of wisdom: I am glad to to be alive, for I don ot think without medication how long I would have lasted, so I look at my life as a gift. I know some may still be in denial stages, but being medicated is noting to be ashamed of. The treatment has not affected my professional life, although I would say that an understanding partner is worth a million bucks. So, for all of you who've stories I've just read, do get help. Got to go the gym now (my routine) and come home and do research.  Oh, now that I'm getting older, if I forget to take my medication, that sucks, because it seems the withdrawal symptoms are very similar to the original panic disorder - makes it a tough day, but now I have a pill case. Wow, I have much information to share, but I wanted to say some of these things for years...there seems to be so little long-term case histories in the literature about the effects on lifestyle etc.


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