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2 minutes!!!!

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Monday, 15 September 2008

So much has happened in the past 2 weeks I can’t even believe it. I went on my trip to Las Vegas. I left on September 1st. Took a plane 5 hours to get there. I was pretty good on the plane except for the take off and landing. Oh and I also got my period on the plane, so I had it my whole trip. Grrr. Well I guess that was better then the alternative. My trip in a whole was a lot of fun. My and my boyfriend got along great. It was also nice to spend some time with my brother. I had one 2 major panic attacks while I was there. One was during a show we went to with all the Vegas impersonators. I handled it well. My boyfriend was concerned and he asked a few times if I wanted to leave. But I waited it out and sat through the whole show. The second attack was more of a mess. (Pardon me if this gets a little gross)

I had a problem going to the bathroom the whole vacation. I went on Monday before I left my house and that was it. I kept getting a stomach ache like I had to go to the bathroom but it just wasn’t happening. (Sorry, told it was gross.) So on Sunday morning I woke up sick. I felt like I has going to throw up and had such bad stomach cramps. I had terrible diarrhea. Our plane left at 9:10am. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time but my stomach was such a mess that I just couldn’t leave the hotel room. So in turn this all lead to a huge panic attack. As time ticked by I knew that the chance of us being on time for the airplane was less and less. So to make a long story short, too late, we missed the airplane. We got to our gate at 9:12. 2 minutes late!!!!!! It’s almost funny. Almost. We had to sit in the airport until the next plane at 4pm. But I am home safe and sound with lots of stories to tell!!

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