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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

For those of you that don’t know my 7 month struggle with my cat, I will give you a quick run down. In January I adopted 2 sister cats. They have done nothing but case me trouble. The one cat Pixie is my “problem child” She had ringworm, witch she gave to my other cats, upper respiratory infection, witch she gave to my other cats, and she also finds the need to pee on my couch, chair and bed. I just got her spayed. I had hoped this would help with her peeing all over my house. It didn’t. So I brought in a urine sample and she has blood and crystals in her pee. AHH HAA!! That has to be the reason she is peeing. So now she has to have special food. I have 4 cats so that means they all have to have special food. The vet said he hopes to see an improvement in her with in 10 days. It has been 5 days and she is no better. Over the course of 7 months I have spent upwards of $1200 on this cat. For the cold, ringworm, shots, meds, spay and de-clawing.  I don’t know what else to do with her if she continues to pee on my furniture.


So this brings me to the reason for my post. My boyfriend is all freaked out over this cat. I live alone and I feel like it should be my problem and my decision if I want to keep this cat and try to get her over this peeing problem she has. My boyfriend and I have been seeing eachother for about 8 months. At first he was coming over my house all the time. He also would spend the night 1 or 2 nights a week. Then I noticed he wasn’t coming over as much and he stopped sleeping over. Now I see him 1 or 2 times a week for a few hours each time. So he tells me yesterday that he doesn’t like coming over to my house anymore because my house smells like pee and he “can’t stand it”. He also doesn’t want to bring his kids over anymore because he doesn’t want them going home and telling their mother that Daddy’s girlfriends house smells like pee. I have cleaned and cleaned and recleaned. I know that I have to throw away my couch, that is 2 years old by the way, but I am waiting. I can’t get new furniture now. I have to wait and see if she gets better with this new diet.


I am embarrassed and hurt over this. My house is clean. I am doing everything I can to help get little Pixie better but I don’t know if this is all worth what it is costing me. I have put so much time and money in her to give up on her now. Other then her peeing she is the perfect cat. I told him last night that I didn’t know what else to do other then throwing out the couch and throwing out the cat. I don’t feel like my house stinks. Yes you can smell it if you are right on top of it but not to the point that he is saying. Am I going to lose my boyfriend over cat pee? Help!!!


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