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Weight gain and comfort foods, I'm there!!!!

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Monday, 03 July 2006

Posted by: antidepressantbarbie on Thursday, July 13, 2006


Ok, here we go. This story is never-ending and I don't realistically expect to be free from my issues ever. But I am managing very well these days. Let me start out by saying that anyone who claims depression and anxiety isn't hereditary has not met my family!!! All of us are on meds for either depression, anxiety or both. All of us have found that weight gain is a significant side effect of the meds.

Growing up I was a nervous wreck, lying awake at night waiting for aliens to abduct me or to go blind, stop breathing, choke or have a heart attack. I had no idea that this was not normal. I thought that I was the biggest loser and substandard compared to everyone else.

My very first serious panic attack occurred when I was 24. From that day on I have struggled with them on a daily basis. Most of the time I can talk myself down but whenever there is a big change in my life I descend down into the depths pf panic and despair. Luckily my family has been with me through this and can tell when I am about to go into a "shame spiral"--thank you Stuart Smally. For me, the best way to fight this is with humour and honesty. I have been through years of cognitive behaviour therapy and have come a long way. To expect that you will take a pill and be over it is naive. It is a disease just the same as any other and requires care and consistency.

I have heard that a lot of people stop taking their meds because they have gained weight. Yes, I have gained 30 lbs over 10 years and many med changes but I would rather be a little heavy and happy than skinny and freaked out. Since I have put on this extra weight I have better curves and haven't had a flu or a cold since.

My reason for sharing this part of my never-ending story is to let all you barbie girls out there know that it is possible to be on your meds, a little heavier and just as gorgeous as ever! Hopefully Mattel will heed my cry and produce the first ever antidepressant barbie doll! Remember, love conquers all so love yourself!!! God gave you this disease for a reason and eventually you will come to view it as a gift, not a burden. Through this disease I have learned so very much about myself and the world around us. I hope that all of you do too.
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